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How Long Does it Take to get Abs for Women?

While it is a foregone conclusion that six pack abs look great on any man, many people may ask the question, how long does it take to get abs for women? Whether or not six pack abs will look good on a woman is a bit more difficult to answer. Six pack abs can be for women as well as men, but there are several things to analyze when trying to determine how good they look and whether or not they can work for you. Your body type, the amount of definition in your abs and the length of your torso are the best ways to determine whether or not having six pack abs is for you.

For some women, six pack abs look great, especially for women with certain body types. Women with hourglass shaped or pair shaped bodies often look best with six pack abs, while those with apple shaped bodies do not look as good with well defined abs. To calculate your individual body shape, you can go to any gym or health center or do the measurements at home by yourself. Measure your bust, waist and hips and enter the numbers into an online calculator and it will automatically calculate your body shape. With this information, you can best decide whether or not it would be good for you to develop abs, as a woman.

In general, the basic methods apply to women when trying to get a six pack, as do to men. There are obvious differences in weight training or resistance levels used to tone the body and strengthen muscles (men tend to lift more for obvious reasons), but diet, cardiovascular exercise, and a well-planned day, are the same for both genders. Ab crunches can be added for abdominal muscles to accentuate the six pack, but at the end of the day, fat needs to be lost from the stomach region. This is the fundamental answer to, how long does it take to get abs for women or men.

A factor to consider about six pack abs, is how defined they are. Six pack abs can look great with little definition on any woman, and because they develop so slowly and take so much time and effort, you will not have to worry about your abs developing too much without you noticing it, in which case you can just scale back your exercises. Abs with a lot of definition can look bad on some women, however, as they can be very unsettling to some.

Finally, the length of your torso is the last important thing to consider when deciding whether or not having six pack abs are for you. Women with long torsos often look the best with six pack abs, as the abs are spread out across the torso and look much better sculpted and much more natural. Women with short torsos, however, can look unnaturally lumpy with well defined six pack abs. Some women with short torsos are able to pull off six pack abs, but for the majority it is usually best to avoid getting abs or having only slightly defined ones.

You can delight in the knowledge that the majority of women can vastly improve their health and physical appearance by developing six pack abs. While six pack abs are not for everyone due to either body shape or simply how they prefer to look, for most women six pack abs make them look younger, more sculpted, stronger and sexier. Six pack abs can be hard to get, but with determination and perseverance you will find that six pack abs are, indeed, for women as well as men. Just remember, the same discipline that is required for men, also applies to women. Depending on body fat levels, abs can be acquired by women, in as little as a few weeks. Controlled diet, consistent exercise, and a balanced lifestyle, are the keys for how long does it take to get abs for women.

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